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The Challenge of Delivering Value

Our Survey Results

O2 (Telefónica UK), Sarah Fogg
August 2018

At the Baxter Thompson Associates (BTA) IT Business Partner Forum in June, we looked at the challenge of Value Management. Previous survey respondents had said that this was the third most challenging aspect of their role. To investigate this further a new survey was issued following the DAMAC framework for Value Management created by BTA. What is Value Management? Value Management is a set of management techniques to ensure that customers’ expectations and needs are met through supporting activities, products…

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Learning To Drive

Breaking The Cycle of Negative Feedback

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
September 2017

Our surveys suggest Value Management is the third biggest challenge IT Business Partners face. Given where we currently are as an industry it is also a fundamental enabler on gaining credibility with our peers. I argue that a lack of Value Management (and as part of that Continuous Improvement) in an organisation is the root cause to why IT departments find it so difficult to get beyond what I call a “Service Partner” level. That is where an IT department…

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