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Lay the foundations and plan for the future

Change is increasingly driven by technology and it’s being adopted by customers and your competitors at an ever-faster rate. 

You need to think further ahead than the next 18 months and help understand the impact to maintain competitive advantage.

You need more than demand management with requests coming from business peers to inform your IT / Digital budgets for next year…..

You can help inspire that change by providing understanding on what options are available to executives to make better decisions on furthering the vision of the company.

"Baxter Thompson Associates really helped the team understand the role and what it means to be a Strategic Partner to the business. Fantastic insight from obvious years of experience in the role.  Used the many company examples from our discussion to help understand and gave us real confidence in applying the many tools and techniques in a practical way."

Tom Rees, Head of Business Solutions, Barnardos

Seeking alignment and direction with your business peers on the opportunity that Technology can bring means a fundamental shift in mindset and approach. Think "Create, Innovate and Communicate" when you have a strategic opportunity:

  • Create: Define a corporate strategy with basic market analysis, focusing on the values and vision of the company.

  • Innovate: Practice prototyping. Understand how to provide insight to inform business peers. Be introduced to minimum viable products and business models. Track lessons learnt as a means to innovate.

  • Communicate: Understand the power of Capability models and practice their creation. Define a roadmap that represents your team's long term plan. Create a strategic plan that you can use to align with other departments.

The Outcome

Feel sufficiently confident to implement the techniques on leaving the workshop with an action plan on the first steps for the future.

Benefits of applying the workshop techniques:

Insight and Innovation


Strategic Alignment

Organisational Clarity

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Benefits of applying the workshop techniques:

Insight and Innovation

  • Position your team to be future-focused  by starting activities that will transform thinking on how technology is used in the company


  • Understand clearly the goals of your organisation.
  • Work with Key Influencers and Decision Makers to assess whether their business activities support the goals of the organisation

Strategic Alignment

  • Cross-reference different department's plans and their technology enablers
  • Check for gaps or duplication
  • Validate whether the strategic intent of individual departments align

Organisation Clarity

  • See where change is required in the organisation and visualise the impact required through defining capabilities 
  • Create a roadmap that depicts both the technology changes and business changes, Through a process of prioritisation, dependency analysis and alignment.

Strategy Outline


  • "PESTEL"
  • "SWOT"
  • Corporate Strategy


  • Create a Capability HeatMap
  • Create a Capability Roadmap
  • Create a Strategy On A Page


  • Innovation Games
  • Research & Insight On A Page
  • Proof of Concept
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Press Release
  • Lessons Learnt - Scale-up / Pivot or Restart


  • Your Strategic Approach
  • Lifecycle View

Sample Video from our Training Course

This video comes from the section "Create" / "PESTEL" 


What You'll Get:

What We Bring:

Clear Framework

Approach oriented towards business outcomes

Tools you can use

Practice in the techniques

Illustrative case studies


Opportunity to stand back and reflect on personal as well as team performance

Action plan

Thought Leadership

Through research and application


How to apply the techniques with your current challenges (you're not alone)

Years of experience

Managing people and technology in corporate settings.


Group webinars facilitated live with an expert.

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Lifecycle and Strategy

Create Strategy

Communicate Strategy On a Page

  I nnovation Principles and Practices

Communicate Heatmaps and Roadmaps


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