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Instigating A Business Partner Function

Skanska UK Plc, Tony Michaels
August 2018

Many central departments have recognised that the interaction between the IT function and the rest of the organisation are not as good as they could be. Indeed quite often we exacerbate this division with ‘us’ and ‘them’ type references. I have heard many times people bemoaning of the other ‘they just don’t understand us’ and ‘they are asking the wrong question’. So… (drum roll)….. Introducing the IT Business Partner.... (cymbals clash) ….That’s the answer, because with one role sitting in…

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Earning The Right

To become a Strategic IT Partner

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
August 2017

We at Baxter Thompson Associates have come to the conclusion that whilst IT organisations are effective at being a “Service partner”, they may not necessarily be effective. This conclusion is reached through assessing two different surveys sampling the same group of people – IT Business Partners (ITBP) Whilst Business Stakeholders report that they want strategic technology insight and indeed many ITBPs we have spoken to want to position themselves more as Strategic IT Partners, in order to earn that right…

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Role Conflict

The Top Challenges Facing IT Business Partners today

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
July 2017

At the BRM Forum in London delegates gained some practical takeaways after participating in the BRM Forum. This is the second in a four part mini series. BRM Forum: The Panel Article written by James O'Driscoll, Gilbert Scott Associates. On Friday 9th of June the 5th BRM forum took place in central London. The session was a mix of debate, presentation and business simulation via Grab@Pizza. In terms of the debate this was a panel discussion hosted by James O'Driscoll…

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Finding the Right IT Business Partner

Podcast #3

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
July 2017

FInding the Right IT Business Partner - Podcast #3 Looking at to our recent surveys, forums and ongoing discussions with the IT Business Partnering community, it has become more apparent that finding the right IT Business Partner for the right IT Business Partnering role is becoming more of a challenge. In the latest Baxter Thompson Associates podcast Jon Baxter and James O’Driscoll discuss some of issues the IT Business Partnering community are currently experiencing and what can be done to…

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