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What Does the Customer Want and How Does Digital Help?

Value Management

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Ausrine Zygaityte
September 2019

Answers to this question can be expressed as customer values and outcomes. Value Management is the “shepherd” which keeps activity and focus on those outcomes. This doesn't just mean operations and project activities but also continuously improving the way we work as we go, adopting lessons learnt. By taking our customers' values into account, we can improve where we put our focus and how we allocate our resources to bridge the gap between expectations and outcomes. Essentially, we can direct…

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The Rise and Fall of IT Business Partnering?

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
August 2016

There has been a significant increase in advertised roles over two years as more IT functions realise the importance of the IT BRM/BP department in allowing IT to become less of a cost centre and more of a strategic partner. The importance of this shift can be backed up by various reports, such as from McKinsey: http://bit.ly/2b67Fdv . We're working with James O'Driscoll of Certes Computing to investigate further and what we have also seen is the introduction and subsequent…

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