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Finding the Right IT Business Partner

Podcast #3

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
July 2017

FInding the Right IT Business Partner - Podcast #3 Looking at to our recent surveys, forums and ongoing discussions with the IT Business Partnering community, it has become more apparent that finding the right IT Business Partner for the right IT Business Partnering role is becoming more of a challenge. In the latest Baxter Thompson Associates podcast Jon Baxter and James O’Driscoll discuss some of issues the IT Business Partnering community are currently experiencing and what can be done to…

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Opportunities in IT Capability

Results and findings from our 2016 IT Business Partner Survey

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
February 2017

Our UK IT Business Partner Survey has highlighted a weak area in IT Capability – Ensure Benefits Delivery. The term Ensure Benefits Delivery is taken from the COBIT 5 capability model that we use in our diagnostic.. After surveying 63 IT Business Partners on ten capabilities that are most heavily impacted by the role of IT Business Partner, we found that there was some variance on how each of the IT capabilities were effective in organisations. Strengths in IT Capability…

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