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Baxter Thompson Associates speak at conferences, post thoughts and solutions to forums and collaborate with industry partners to contribute to the development of Strategic Partnering. Our knowledge is based on more than 50 years joint experience.

We believe that we are at the cutting-edge of developing this growing area of expertise and are happy to share our learnings with like-minded people.


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Often, in an attempt to make Digital a reality, there is not sufficient rigour in the assessment and deployment to really deliver value. I propose Strategic Partnering as a means of making your digital transformation real and relevant for your customers and your organisation.

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Avoiding The Seven Sins Of Digital Transformation

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This whitepaper explores seven common causes of Digital Transformation failure. Through a literature survey it then maps our competency framework to these causes to provide insight on how these causes can be alleviated. We suggest that by applying skills in relationship, value, strategy, portfolio and organisational change in your organisation according to our framework, you can significantly increase the chance of success.

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The Three Change Agents That Drive Digital Transformation Success

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In this whitepaper, I propose that there are three types of change agents needed for the long-lasting structural transformation that Digitisation requires. What makes them different is that they consider not just what change is required, which is where we classically spend most of our time, but how.

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SHADOW IT - The Illusion of Control

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With the advent of Software as a Service (SAAS), technology now has
become more accessible and it's being sold directly to  Line-of Business  leaders; often bypassing IT leaders.
This whitepaper addresses these issues and answers the following two questions:
1. How does the IT leadership Team respond in the short term?
2. How does Shadow IT affect the role of IT leadership in the organisation?

UK IT Business Partner Survey 2016 Findings and Insight

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Value Management Needs To Be Improved.
This is the first survey of its kind and helps baseline the current environment within which IT Business Partners work in the UK. 63 respondents contributed to the survey across a very diverse range of industries.

We find that on the scale of Organisation Partnership Maturity, the sample of UK industry respondents achieves the level of “Service Partner”, however there is significant variability among the cohort.

IT as a Business Partner - Thoughts from the BCS Elite Workshop

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The BCS Elite Workshop held in September 2016 discussed the challenges facing the CIO in getting to Strategic Partner status in an organisation.

We outline some criticial success factors:

1)    Clarity on the role of the CIO and their organisation. 
2)    Excellence in service delivery
3)    A commitment to enabling relationships
4)    A strategic intent.

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You'll get a better understanding of how to gain credibility with business peers by reading our whitepaper. This focuses on the key challenges of IT Business Partners and providing a roadmap to move from Project and Service Escalations to Value Management.


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Organisations that want to change need to do so by adding change capabilities, in addition to those of service provisioning and product fulfilment.
These capabilities are:
1) Adapting Innovation,
2) Organisational Change and 
3) Decommissioning.

For these change capabilities to be effective; however, any change needs to be coordinated across the whole organisation. I suggest that the Business Relationship Management role is key to providing that coordination role by carrying out Strategic Scoping, Portfolio Management, Value Realisation and Relationship Management activities.


Use this cue card to engage your business stakeholders on what their perspective and expectations are of IT. This can help curate the messages required to establish the role of the IT Business Partner

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It’s a daunting task to answer the question “which project?” The number of requests, different stakeholders and their demands, you can quickly get immersed in lists longer than your arm and have queues of frustrated stakeholders too. This presentation provides some simple frameworks and tools to help you triage requests and justify why one project is more important than another. This presentation is aimed at a broad audience, from Directors to IT professionals who engage with business partners and need a quick “aide memoire” on what’s important.


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This article is the first in a two part serial that discusses the future technology implications for incumbent corporates in the Insurance Industry. We establish a strategic framework that includes Portfolio Management and then discuss some strategic approaches to engage with technology partners and resources.


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In this article, we consider the necessary constraints of regulation and how that levels the playing field between technology start-ups and existing banks. We also look at the decision facing legacy systems and what “Digital” means for Banks. Having “Digital” is not sufficient though; being “Agile” is required too, which means we look at the “Agile” way of working and the attendant cultural issues that will inevitably face a corporate organization.

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