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Seven IT Business Partner Challenges

That Causes Delay To Next Year's Budget Approval

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
December 2019

Image by 15299 from Pixabay Still Chasing Sign-off for Next Year's Budget? Are you currently going through the exercise of what's in or out of your project list for next year? I've been there and frankly it's never a satisfying experience for any participant in the process. Estimated Project CAPEX spend: £9m. Budget: £2m. What gets cut and how do you decide? Darts? Endless rounds of governance meetings that argue the relative merits of projects only to be over-ruled by…

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What Elements of Digital Would Best Realise the Company Vision?

Portfolio Management

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Ausrine Zygaityte
September 2019

Consider this: Have you ever witnessed a mad rush at the start of the financial planning season to allocate budget for next year's projects? And despite this, you still end up seeing leftover CAPEX simply because of a lack of approved business initiatives to spend it on? Such shortsighted pipeline inefficiencies substantially limit the value our organizations can offer. Instead, multi-year Portfolio Management should be implemented, not just to maximise return on investment but to also realise the strategic intent…

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