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The Caravan Club

Leisure and Tourism Sector

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The Caravan Club is a non-profit membership organisation that turns over £100m and has in excess of 300k members. The drive to improve the club’s IT systems led to a more structured management approach that required the setting up of the Business Relationship Management capability. Jon Baxter was brought on board to implement this.


Identify existing strengths and build on the opportunities

  1. Leveraging the existing workstream and governance model, identify the areas of improvement:

  2. High level definition of a business strategy.

  3. Identify the portfolio of projects and associated Roadmaps

  4. Validation of Business Cases.

  5. Management of the demand pipeline.

  6. Intervention on “Grow the Market” workstream to allow definition of a Roadmap.

  7. Creation of a BA competency and Business Capability Model.

Define the Programme of work for Demand Management and Grow the Market

  1. Create a plan of work to implement the above work aspects.

  2. Through consultation and collaboration identify the “Grow the Market" Strategy.

  3. Identify the high-level project scope to deliver the strategy and handover to a Project Manager.

Deliver the Benefit

  1. Created a Club strategy-on-a-page and a “Grow the Market” strategy-on-a-page.

  2. Conduct a budget submission for FY2015 of candidate projects.

  3. Agree governance principles for the workstream coordination group.

  4. Recruited Project Managers and coached Business Analysts in the competency.

  5. Created a Kanban for Feasibility Studies, identify metrics and Management Processes for business analysis.

  6. Conduct reviews of Feasibility Studies and Business Cases to ensure benefit and costs were sufficiently expressed to demonstrate alignment to strategy and enable a decision.

Business Benefit

  • Clear articulation of strategies enabling better project prioritization.

  • Marshalled and rationalize the project capex spend from £9m to £2.6m to focus on core deliverables.

  • Improved business relationships and clearer expectations on delivery.

  • Better scoping of projects leading to reduced risk. 

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