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Reconnaissance For IT® is a collection of models, competencies and artefacts that lay the foundations for Strategic IT Partnering.

reconnaissance for IT model

Convergence Essentials® and Convergence Accelerator® are two day and three day consecutive workshops based on the 5 Competencies below.

"Jon took a team of 10 IT directors at AECOM through a 2 day strategy workshop to help us plan for the next year ahead. l’d like to extend my sincere appreciation for his leadership and insight. I thoroughly enjoyed the time and believe we’re in a terrific place to redefine our collective direction for the business"

Anthony Tomai, CIO EMEAI, AECOM

The Strategic IT Partner (SITP®) Value Model

Mission: To help the organisation gain competitive advantage by getting closer to and delivering on the customer and business agenda

Vision: The organisation achieves "Service Partner" maturity

- " We don't go out of business"
- IT Operational Effectiveness
​Business Value ​Effective Relationships ​Return on Investment

Vision: The Organisation achieves " Strategic Partner" maturity

- "We get new, different business"
- Typically Digital Transformation
Business Value​ ​Direction and Alignment ​Balanced Risk / Benefit View of Initiatives ​Effective Execution
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To see more detail on our value model, introduce the ideas, seek consensus with your senior leadership team and establish a way forward; consider our half day overview workshop held at your site.

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