....By giving them the ability to make change happen through our custom workshops.

Newly formed team? Uncertainty about the role and direction? Challenges with the engagement model? Questions around application and approach?

 Don't let old habits creep back in and your team revert back to their comfort zone.

Make your team an indispendible and trusted advisor to the organisation

Our Custom Workshops lets you:
  • Build the newly form team
  • Plan for the future on team away days
  • Choose one or more of the five competencies
  • Practice the tools and techniques
  • Maximise discussion time
  • Clarify first steps and direction
  • Understand context and application
  • Share experience and best practice

Contact us to hear the feedback of our Global Corporate Clients

Global Client #1

Relationship Management Workshop
40 Delegates

Helping Service Delivery Managers re-orient their engagement approach to senior business stakeholders

Global Client #2

Value and Strategy Management Workshop and Coaching
12 Delegates

Helping Regional IT Partners think differently about their role and future offering.

Global Client #3

Strategy Workshop
10 Delegates

Helping Global IT Directors plan the next year

International Client #4

Overview, Relationship and Value management
13 Delegates

Team formation, orientation and next steps

Global Client #5

Overview and Strategy Management
50 Delegates

 Helping provide orientation and methods to a new team

Workshops Designed With Your Challenges In Mind

We have developed outcome oriented workshops that target the critical success factors in your organisation: Defining, Demonstrating And Delivering Value.


- Optional case-study developed around a live service / project in your department


- Opportunity to reflect together

- Challenge the status-quo

Set Direction and Goals

- Identify activities that add the most value and track delivery

Baseline Performance

- Balance consistency of approach with organisational needs

- Validate experience with that of other industry players

Enable your team with our

Our Custom Workshops

This helps your team feel confident that they can apply the tools and techniques in your workplace; to make organisational change happen.

Custom Case-study building requires 1 months advance notice, 1 client lead to help shape the content.

  • 1 day per competency
  • 50% Theory / 50% Practice
  • Some workshops may require individual preparation in advance to discuss on the day
  • Taken as a series of 5 workshops, the case-study is built on throughout
  • Recommended implementation approach is a maximum of 3 competencies in any block, with at least 8 weeks to implement the tools and feedback
  • To enable your team, the recommended implementation roadmap is :
    1. Relationship
    2. Value
    3. Strategy
    4. Porfolio
    5. Organisational Change

Starting midway through the implementation roadmap will depend on your Organisation Partner Maturity.

Workshops can be complimented with group or individual coaching to help overcome ogranisational challenges, mindset and attitudes and maintain direction.

Programme management to drive activity can be included through our interim management service

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