The Three Change Agents That Drive Digital Transformation Success

A new whitepaper focusing on how to drive digital transformation success.

Written by Jon Baxter. 

In this whitepaper, I propose that there are three types of change agents needed for the long lasting structural transformation that Digitisation requires. The three are: Leader, Consultant and Partner. 

What makes them different is that they consider not just what change is required, which is where we classically spend most of our time, but how. This inevitably leads us to the people dimension. They are both enablers and actors of change. In order for people to be effective, they need the right set of skills to be trained and coached. 

They also need to be engaged with collaboratively. This typically does not happen because transformational change is often done by experts to the organisation-and they then leave with that expertise and experience. Organisations are in danger of reverting back to the way that they did business before. 

I suggest that consultants and interim managers are still necessary, but a change in approach is required. That is, not only do they perform change, but they train and coach top potential candidates in the transformation. In addition, they need to engage and empower the workforce to collectively realise the vision rather than be victims of it. This is so that the organisation can continue to embed and adapt once they have left. 

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