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IT Demand Management

Five Guidelines On How You Can Make A Huge Difference

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
June 2018

Quite often the IT department is overwhelmed with more projects than it can actually complete. What seems an intractable problem that tests the most resilient leader, there are in fact some guidelines that can deliver breakthrough results. One of them, based on Little's law, is so counter intuitive that only practising it can sway the doubters. The best metaphor is congestion on the smart motorway: More people get to work on time by driving slower. Question: How many projects did…

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Value Management

Why such a challenge?

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
June 2018

So, value management was the third top challenge as portrayed by over 40 respondents to our IT Business Partner survey. Click here to view the results. So why should it be such a challenge? We believe that fundamentally, Value Management includes Continuous Improvement. Here is our rationale: As a business-focused partner, you want to define value, measure value and then what? Whatever step you take after it will be pretty crucial in the engagement with our peers. If we stop…

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