Value Management

Why such a challenge?

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter

So, value management was the third top challenge as portrayed by over 40 respondents to our IT Business Partner survey. Click here to view the resultsSo why should it be such a challenge? 

We believe that fundamentally, Value Management includes Continuous Improvement. Here is our rationale: As a business-focused partner, you want to define value, measure value and then what? Whatever step you take after it will be pretty crucial in the engagement with our peers. If we stop there or apply a mediocre blanket term that covers "some action we may need to take in the future". What would our peers think? Are we managing the way we work effectively or not? Is this credible?

Through our research and analysis, we've seen that engagement is still lacklustre. Whether we do a detailed assessment or overview, the Organisation Partner Maturity of an ever increasing sample of candidate organisations (now 50+ organisations) still points to a most common level of service partner or below. 

We also believe that value management, in combination with Continuous Improvement hold the keys to laying the foundations that will enable the organisation to get beyond service partner level and become truly strategic. We have a white paper on this subject too.

In order to test this assertion, we invite you to take part in our latest quiz. In it are questions derived from our Value Management competency model that partly forms the basis of our workshop, "Convergence Essentials®". In going into more detail, we hope to answer the question why Value Management is such a challenge.

To hear the results of the survey and what we can do about it, you can come and listen to Sarah Fogg, who will be presenting at our Forum on the 21st June. Click here to register. We would love to see you there!

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