How Can We Demystify the Digital Future for Our Organisation and Make It Relevant and Meaningful?

Strategy Management

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Quite often, organisations are reactive rather than proactive. We find it difficult to plan even six months into the future, yet find ourselves ill-equipped for sudden changes when they do occur.

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To answer this question, we need to have clear outcomes that reflect the values of our customers – That's done through Value Management. Secondly, as part of our innovation practice, we can test different digital products and services to see if they fulfil customer expectations by creating prototypes as options to consider.

Selecting The Best Prototype To Achieve The Outcome

These prototypes provide the lessons learnt and options to inform our strategy on what works and what doesn't. Thirdly, we find a business model that can sustain the long-term competitive advantage for the company employing these new digital services. Finally, as we repeat these steps, we need to align the different parts of the organisation through clearly articulating what activities will make the future digital vision a reality. Each of these activities is needed to define the future digital vision.

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