Unlock the Secret to Alignment and Establishing "Good" Politics.



00:00 - The Challnege
05:05 - My Experience 
10:50 - Key Insight and the Relationship Framework
15:55 - The Key Driver of Politics
31:00 - Sowing the Seeds of Good Politics
36:46 - The Key Ingredient to Managing Relationships
42:12 - How to Manage Expectations and Create Alignment 
49:35 - Success Stories
57:48 - Strategic Partner Value Model
01:02:21 - The SDBP® Foundation Certificate and How to Get it
01:04:05 - Our Mission and Your Special Offer
01:09:35 - Final Thoughts - Act Today!

This is a recording of the webinar that took place on the 11th February. The Webinar-only deal coupon and template is not available, however, as of February 2020 there is still a substantial discount and special offer available.