The Partner Recruitment Challenge

Strategic IT Partner* Forum November

With a growing demand for strategic IT Business Partners in what is still an immature and sometimes misunderstood market, the workshop aims to help the IT BP community formalise what common challenges are being experienced in the hiring and interviewing process, review what has worked in the past to overcome those challenges and drive out recommendations for best practice for the future.

James O'Driscoll

James is an experienced consultant with 18 years of IT recruitment campaign and sector experience, with a particular focus and network within the IT BRM/IT Business Partnering and Heads of Department practises. He’s helped numerous businesses transform their IT divisions with key senior hires. James specialises in five recruitment methodologies, ensuring a tailored approach to his clients’ differing recruitment needs.

Practical Info

22/11/2018 15:10
49 minutes 12 seconds
Getting Started - Longford Suite 1