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Relationship Maturity Model Case Study

British Council at the SITP Forum on the 22nd November

Gilbert Scott Associates, James O'Driscoll
January 2019

Deborah Meredith and Richard Coldwell presented their experiences of developing the BRM maturity model, to help in establish the IT business partnering team at the British Council. The second half of the session split was into two groups to discuss where participants saw themselves on the maturity scale. The aim of the interactive discussion was to link up and share insights between those who have made it to performing at a strategic level and those looking to move upwards. Highlights…

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The Role of Strategic IT Partner in Digital Transformation

Key Takeaways - 22nd November SITP Forum

Gilbert Scott Associates, James O'Driscoll
January 2019

The Role of Strategic IT Partner in Digital Transformation On Thursday 22nd of November 2018 the seventh Strategic IT Partner forum (previously known as the IT BRM/IT BP forum) took place near Heathrow. In my opinion the content of the day was our best yet and offered those in the IT Partnering community an opportunity to network and attend various talks, including: Liam Hogan - The role of Strategic IT Partners in Digital Transformation Ian Golding - A CIO's Perspective…

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Report The Right Metrics

Part 3: The Town Crier Syndrome

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
January 2019

This article is the third in a series of five about finding time to become more strategic (see part 1). This is one of the key challenges faced by anybody who has a partnering role on behalf of technology support functions in a company. Here we discuss a common symptom - "the Town Crier" syndrome, how we can become more than relayers of information; and how we can consequently improve our tenure in role by avoiding this syndrome. A long…

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