Strategic Thinking

My Perspectives on the afternoon track at the June SITP Forum.

Warburtons, Paul Kirkham

Following an insightful morning at the Strategic IT  Partner forum, and an excellent lunch in the superb surrounding of Kings College; 

We kicked off the afternoon in
the Strategic Thinking track with Thierry Ackermann looking at
the Business Model Canvas.

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In a well-attended session, Thierry delivered an entertaining and informative view on this concept. Thierry built on the session he delivered at last year's Partner forum, taking us into more detail and using easily relatable examples to bring the concept to life. This included an opportunity to start building a relevant canvas of our own.

A key insight is That a Business Model Canvas can be used for looking at ourselves as an individual business model.

It was great to hear the interaction with the group and Thierry capped this off with an enjoyable quiz. Makes you think when you get the question "what color is blood" wrong!! 

After a break for refreshments and a chance to chat with fellow delegates, we completed the Strategic Thinking track with Ian Huke and an insight in to ‘what is the question?’. Ian did a great job of creating the imagery of a campfire - not easy in a college classroom on a sunny Thursday afternoon! The subject was something close to the hearts of many of us IT BP’s – why is it that projects don’t deliver what was expected?

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To help explain this, Ian suggested that we lose sight of a simple but powerful concept - projects are done by people, for people. To help recapture the essence of the project, Ian explained how we can tell a story to give meaning to what we are doing – to our customers and also people working on the project. 

Ian also introduced the thinking behind an ideas map. This struck a chord with me as it will be a useful way of generating ideas in the future and a different way of describing projects.

We concluded with a good Q&A session with some thoughtful questions and insightful experiences shared by the group. The health check assessment to take home was a useful conclusion to a thought-provoking session.

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