.....A Peak Preview Of Our Relationship Management Workshop.....

Our Beliefs, Principles and Guidelines

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter

.....A Peak Preview Of Our Relationship Management Workshop.....

Odoo CMS - a big picture

.....We've been curating some great insight into how we can get a seat at the Decision Maker's table....

  1. The way things get done in an organisation is through relationships.
  2. Success in Relationship Management is about building trust and managing expectations consistently
  3. To be credible, your words and behaviours need to be consistent; you need to be an expert in an activity that is valuable to your organisation.
  4. To become influential, practice different communication styles that your audience are more receptive to.
  5. Ideas, your contribution or an activity have most impact when expressed as a value proposition, crafted with the needs of a specific audience in mind.
  6. To nurture trust, be self aware & politically aware (consider your ego), have empathy and be credible
  7. Refine your value proposition through effective listening
  8. Focus building those relationships that are held with key influencers and decision makers that could support the outcome of your value proposition.

To listen to how you can apply these principles in your career, come along to the Stratetgic IT Partner Forum on November the 22nd


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