Relationship Management For Technologists*

The first step to Strategic IT Partnering and helping your company gain

Competitve Advantage

Online Learning

Learn through video, exercises and tests.


Meet Other Practioners, share experiences, view and ask questions online


Bi-Monthly Meeting to discuss application with the experts.

Experience Counts

This online programme has been designed with you, the IT professional, in mind - based on the experience, research, consulting engagements and teaching assignments that Baxter Thompson Associates have had the privilege to deliver over the past 14 years.

You will benefit from the associate’s extensive own experience in the field from conducting IT Business Partner roles. The course will include relevant examples and case studies.

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Outcome Focused

The content are organised around a basic framework to that help you to be consistent and remind you of the theory in your day to day interactions. The V.I.T.A.R. Framework (TM):

  •     Value Proposition
  •     Influence
  •     Trust
  •     Alignment Process
  •     Relationship Portfolio Management

For each tried and proven aspect we’ll teach you how to apply the best techniques and concepts.  Only by being consistent in applying this model will you lay the foundations of Strategic IT Partnering.

Action Focused

Every session consists of a number of lessons delivered in small videos. The theory is easy to digest and it is supported by the downloadable version of the course material.

At the end of the relevant lesson, you will be asked to apply the theory learned directly in your work environment, by using the provided templates and exercises.

At the end of each section there is  a survey to help understand the practical application. Some of the topics will require you to reflect and take notes.

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ONLY with consistent application over time of the techniques taught on the online  programme will you:

  • Gain trust and credibility with business and IT peers and earn the right to be at the decision-making table.
  • Clearer comms through adjusting your style and focusing on what's important for your audience
  • Earlier and more senior engagement
  • Clarity on your role

You will have the confidence to start immediately applying the theory learnt to your working environment as a result of completing this workshop and online coaching programme.

Relationship Management Online Course

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