Baxter Thompson Associates offers several key services, including providing Hard Skill capability while teaching the Soft Skills

We primarily perform an advisory role, first performing an analysis of your business and the problem as outlined in your 'problem statement'. The next step is to propose and advise on the best solution and finally we then undertake to facilitate changes that will reduce your business costs and enable [better] risk management.

Good Communication

Effective communication skills and processes are essential to [good] business. Baxter Thompson [help] to develop positive and proactive relationships between staff and silos.  By helping Information Technology security staff to [better] engage with other areas of the business and as a result, we enable [better] risk management. By improving communications across your business, we help you to realise the true value of your investment in technology.

Key Capabilities and Approach

We have several approaches to finding the right solution for you depending on the problem you've identified and where you are in the process of solving your problem. Please click the links below to learn more about how we work.