Strategic Partner Overview 

A half day senior management interactive workshop to help answer the  fundamental questions of how Strategic Partnering can drive a successful outcome for Digital Transformation.

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Thinking about enabling Digital Transformation?

“IT rarely works as a partner with the business, but most executives believe it should”

Partnering to shape the future, McKinsey 2016 

Avoiding common failure modes of Digital Transfomration has to be based on the right assumptions and diagnosis. Quite often we have pieces of the jigsaw, but we're not sure how they fit together. Our research shows us that Strategic Partnering helps create that jigsaw picture and place those missing pieces.   

We will help you avoid the expense and risk of failure by reviewing the business case for the enabling Strategic Partnering and identifying those next steps that will ensure your initiative will get the recognition and success it deserves!

Are you ready?

  • Working with you and your direct reports,  we start from first principles and assess the organisation's state of readiness.
  • We make explicit those challenges the organisation is facing and we then ask the question "Can Strategic Partnering add value?"
  • We believe that real value to the business is increased competitive advantage and that is through Digital - Business Alignment. 
  • We show that this can only be delivered when the organisation is acting in a strategic capacity.
  • We look at the personal competences involved in being a strategic partner to understand existing strengths in the organisation.

The rationale: Validate your assumptions and diagnose the problem to solve!

Jon led a Strategic Partner overview workshop with the senior IT management team and I. I was impressed by the depth of insight provided by the exercises and the good mix between hands-on, theory and practical content. Jon has a in-depth level of knowledge and expertise on Business Partnering. The information and toolsets we came away with has helped clarify our thinking on the application of the role within the organisation.

Neils Schoon, Head of IT, Astra Zeneca


Next Steps

Avoid costly pitfalls

Identify catalysts

Identify barriers and risks

Compelling Mandate

Describe how Strategic Partnering adds value in your organisation


The role of Partner

The organisation need

Readiness Assessment

Skills inventory

Organisation Partner Maturity

A half day senior management workshop to answer the fundamental questions of Strategic  Partnering.

What you'll get:

  • Organisation Partner Maturity assessment.
  • Competency Assessment.
  • Latest research and insight into strategic Partnering.
  • Rationale and mandate for upskilling in your organisation.
  • Actionable plan.

What we bring:

  • Significant industrial and consulting experience in the realm of Strategic Partnerships.

IT Business Partner Cue Card  


Use this cue card to engage your business stakeholders on what their perspective and expectations are of IT. This can help curate the messages required to establish the role of the IT Business Partner


IT as a Business Partner


Written as a report from the BCS Elite Seminar, this shows how IT can become a credible IT Business Partner


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