Scenario 1 - A New Opportunity

Correct Answer: B

Option A is incorrect because in developing a relationship you’re looking to see how you can help the other person first (it maybe the best way they can be helped is by asking them to do something – so long as they see it that way). In addition, it feels entirely perfunctory. The COO is not going to be biting his finger nails in anticipation of the meeting and you may find a meeting cancellation in future if there is no real value-add.  If you are wanting to think about the future – a more general point about strategic partnering –then you’re going to have to think more than just about your projects.

Option B is correct as you’re wanting to put yourself in their shoes – develop empathy. What’s concerning him and how he is reacting the direction from his boss and the perception of the market. Where you add real value is complimenting their thinking with additional new insight. So, what’s that insight going to be? Finally, getting a handle on the way things get done in the bank is all about understanding what’s on people’s personal agenda. Building up trust in their relationship with you will help them speak candidly. You need this understanding when putting your value proposition forward.

Option C is incorrect. Maybe you are an expert in Digital Transformation and you offer great insight, then perhaps presenting your case would have merit. If you don’t have the credibility in this space they’ll most likely see straight through you and write you off as just noise and playing politics. In addition, you need to understand the relationship / political environment first before launching salvos that could misfire. Who knows what the reception would be? Better be low key, talk informally to appreciate other people’s position first.