IT Business Alignment Game

A simulation & case study in IT Business Partnering

Host the Event at your place of work

‘I have never experienced a learning activity that so accurately and so quickly showed us the real complexities of organisations such as ours and how to manage all those relationships. We had time to reflect and try other ways of doing things, so we all saw and felt what we had to do to make it work, and we did it together. Inspiring!’

(Andrew Wayland, CIO, Hudsons)

Your Challenge

‘Welcome to [email protected] We have a strategic plan to move from mid-range to world leader in the pizza delivery market. To create a step change in awareness of our brand and in our sales, we have decided to sponsor next year’s US Super Bowl. This will put tremendous pressure on our systems and processes, people and all our distribution and logistics partners during this critical 3-hour period! We believe we can do this and achieve our ambitious turnover and profit targets if we all pull together.’ (Your CEO)

Simulate Real Partnering Scenarios

Inspired by the well-known Domino’s Pizza case study, this high-energy, high-impact simulation will require you to stand in the shoes of Finance, Sales & Marketing, Logistics, Products and of course IT and manage the relationships, project portfolio, change calendar... and see what true IT Business Partnering looks like, from all these perspectives.



See different perspectives

Highlight assumptions

Craft and deliver impactful communications



Experience true collaboration

Build relationships of trust, step-by-step


Give each other constructive feedback

Get fired up again after setbacks


Replace ‘do-do-do’ with ‘plan-do-review’

Use processes to improve efficiency

Simulation Features

A day-long fun event facilitated by Baxter Thompson Associates to practice, experience and learn!

What activities you'll complete:

  • Identify the current and target performance of the organisation
  • Collaborate with your senior business leaders and help them to understand how to invest strategically in IT infrastructure and services
  • Increase your own understanding of the demands for IT products and services from a business value perspective
  • Make decisions jointly about strategy, structure, roles, priorities, investment and resources
  • Manage the budget and plans for the portfolio of changes, product development and projects
  • Run and continually improve the new services to support the business strategy, managing those relationships
  • Keep track of business performance including sales figures, operating costs and customer satisfaction

Engage Business Stakeholders

Help surface the challenges of the Business Partner role and increase Demand Maturity in the organisation.

Engage IT stakeholders

Establish role clarity in the IT organisation between Service Delivery Managers and Business Relationship Managers

A fresh and unexpected way to launch a development programme, which sets the tone and provokes discussion on how best to lead and manage the initiative together.

Team Building and Coaching

To sustain the momentum and ensure transfer of the energy and learning generated, light-touch team coaching sessions can be provided. An experienced facilitator will help the team to develop that all-important skill of learning together by working on their on- going portfolio of activities, in their unique organisational context.