Re-imagine Your

Information Security Awareness Programme

A proven method to re-engage your organisation in reducing information security risk

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Technology “fortification”, implementing security policy, and managing risk only go so far in mitigating the risk of data breaches, reputational damage and financial loss. PWC conducted a survey and found that employees business partners are cited as the most common source of security breach.

Awareness and Engagment

The Information Security Forum’s Threat Horizon 2018 makes several gloomy predictions:

  • The organisation’s ability to protect will be progressively compromised.

  • Board expectations will quickly accelerate beyond their information security functions’ ability to deliver.

  • A major incident will reveal this misalignment and create substantial business impact.

What to do?

Baxter Thompson Associates can help reduce security risk and improve compliance by applying a tried a tested approach built on solid business partnering technques

  • A common Language

  • Shared interests and goals

  • Listening and learning as well as training and telling.

We leverage Infosec’s technology and process capabilities and deliver the missing ingredient :

Business Partnering!

The Proposal: Re-imagine Your Security Awareness Programme

  • Clear articulation of issues to create a compelling case for change to all audiences

  • A series of workshops to help realise the shared opportunity between stakeholders

  • Establish a programme of training, communication and engagement management

  • Organisational change facilitation and coaching that looks at communication styles, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs.

Build Credibility

- Show you’re listening

- Demonstrate change

- Set clear expectations

Build trust

- Gain confidence in delivery

- Reassure Executives Security Risks are controlled

- Effective targeting of risk

- Manage people as people

Deliver Results

- Improve compliance

- Reduce security risk

Euronext Talk on Information Security Enablement Presented by Jon Baxter

Video of the talk

Link to the presentation