We use our unique, diagnostic framework "Reconnaissance for IT" as a 'baseline' to help our clients understand the opportunity and how a Business Relationship Management competency can add value.

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Initial Consultation and Proposal

To help formulate an intiail project brief, Baxter Thompson Associates aim to better understand your requirements by asking the right quesitons.
We will work to customize a solution to you and your company.


Following the framework, a consultant reviews the main dimensions through a series of workshops, 1:1 interviews and providing a series of self assessments:
  • Assessments are based on quick questionnaires.
  • Interviews follow a standard format to allow consistency.
  • The results are collated into a standard reporting template.
  • The data and analysis allows comparison over a period of time to monitor improvement and benchmark against other organisations.
  • Workshops gather sufficient information to enable an informed insight - not to "boil the ocean".
  • Interviews with business partners and other CXO's start the strategic conversation.

Framework and Example Analysis

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Increased Education

Find scenarios to help you be decisive for your business


What long term roadmap is best suited to your organisation


Increased competitive advantage to help you stand out in the market


Increased value from your IT function

Additional Information

More detail on the approach and the rationale


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Next Step: Change Managment


This article explains what happens after a customized framework is set up.

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