Exploring Cross-Silo Responsibilities and Priorities

Strategic IT Partner* Forum November

More often than not, new industry trends such as digitisation of services, cloud computing as an example mean the interactions between corporate departments are ever more complex and at times frustrating.

Matt will lead a thought provoking and interactive session on understanding the priorities and responsibilities through the use of playing cards! The purpose is to help broker more meaningful dialogue about activities, where they are done and who is responsible for them. The application will consider the marketing and technology department.

Matt Ballantine

Matt is an advisor and coach to CIOs and CTOs across a broad range of sectors, helping his clients to be able to address the business and organisational changes that are necessary to lead and manage technology in 2018 and beyond effectively. Alongside his consulting, he is a contributor for Forbes, a judge on the CIO100 annual UK technology leadership awards, and co-host of the WB-40 Podcast.

Practical Info

22/11/2018 11:50
39 minutes