Panel Discussion

Strategic IT Partner Forum June

This is a chance for the audience to pose questions to the morning's speakers on the topics that they presented. A great opportunity to hear differing perspectives from the panel and entertaining repartee from James O'Driscoll as he manages the debate.

Dafydd Moore

Global Head of Business Relationship Management Dyson

I joined Dyson after ten years at John Lewis Partnership in their Waitrose food division.  Previous to that I worked at other food retailers (Lidl) and spent 8 years in the Royal Navy as a Submariner.

Meghana Garg

Director IT Product Manager –
Global Benchmarking

Meghana has 14 years of experience in product development, consulting, technology strategy and business transformation in multiple technology focused roles within customer centric organisations.

Prior to joining JLL, Meghana spent significant time at Sainsburys and UK Power Networks in roles focussed on business and system transformation with a clear vision to deliver value for the customers. 

Practical Info

27/06/2019 12:15
45 minutes
Great Hall, King's College