Helping People Change The Way They Work

Strategic IT Partner Forum June

Working in a Partner role often means applying influence and persuasion in 1:1 format to make change happen. 

But what about a whole team or department? Can we avoid the common pitfalls that stop us from achieving our goals? If so, what is the structure and techniques that would help?

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Jon will take the latest in the series of workshops - Organisational Change Management and apply the T.E.D.E.T. framework to one of the challenges discussed in the prior Top Challenges Debate to come up with outcomes that attendees can apply to help change the way people work.

  • Target - Target the problem to solve
  • Envision - Envision how people will work differently in the future.
  • Deploy - Deploy change into the organisation through assessing the impact on people's way of working.
  • Embed - Embed change in the organisation through understanding how people react to change.
  • Troubleshoot - Troubleshoot common ways that a transformation gets derailed and ensure success!

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Jon Baxter

Jon has been leading change in the UK for strategic partnering for the past 4 years since recognising the gap of where most organisations currently work at and where they want to be. Since then he leads the Strategic IT Partner Forum and created the proprietary Reconnaissance for IT Framework®. 

This framework helps break down silos, create clarity on strategy, drive increased return on investment, improve decision making and significantly increase chances of transformation success. Jon continues to write about and research these areas. He has a top tier global corporate client list who subscribes to his coaching and workshops - recognised for their integrated, practical and implementable approach. 

An ex-Deloitte consultant with an MBA from Cranfield, clients appreciate Jon's candour in bringing to life his experiences of working as a leader and manager in sometimes very challenging corporate roles that help audiences reflect on how they work and what they could do differently in order to step-change the performance of their organisation.

Jon is fluent in French, married to an Italian and whenever he is not building the business is a keen yachtsman, property developer and amateur investor. Jon innovates continuously and is an early adopter of Bitcoin. He keeps track of the Insurtech and Fintech industry. 

Practical Info

27/06/2019 15:10
49 minutes 12 seconds
S0.12 Breakout Room, King's College