From a blank sheet of paper: The journey to create a BRM function

IT BP Forum June

Luke will be bringing his experience to the forum and sharing how the first year has gone in setting up the BRM Function in the Department of Transport. He will share some of the challenges that have shaped the Value proposition and the valuable lessons learnt that can help peers in other organisations plan their deployment

Luke Radford

Luke is a creative strategic thinker keen to challenge convention.  He combines experience of buying, selling and delivering in both the public and private sector to explore the boundaries of possibility and to reimagine the approach to digital transformation.  Luke believes: “Response to change is mere survival: transformation takes advantage and sets the pace.”
Previously, Luke delivered keynote speeches on The Connected World – Data Designed Business, and the Shattered Dreams of Digital Transformation and was a primary contributor to Vodafone’s insight and keynote presentation on The Future of Work, delivering substantial new in-year revenue.   Since May 2017, Luke has been focused on establishing a Business Relationship Management function within Department for Transport’s Digital Service where the opportunity of starting from scratch is balanced with the challenge of nothing existing.
Rejecting the notion of work-life balance, Luke combines paid employment with the responsibilities of being a father to DevOps1 and DevOps2, an active role in the leadership of a Baptist Church and supporting Bath Rugby.

Practical Info

21/06/2018 14:00
49 minutes 12 seconds
Oaks Annexe 2