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Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
May 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Our Response Baxter Thompson Associates are passionate about Strategic IT Partnerships. We want to help clients achieve competitive advantage through the use of our Reconnaissance for IT® framework and share our passion with a growing community of like minded individuals in the UK and beyond, so that they too can become Strategic IT Partners. To do this effectively we review the way we communicate and engage with you, our audience. With General Data Protection Regulation…

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Ego is the Enemy

Personal reflections on the book by Ryan Holiday

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
May 2018

Ego is the Enemy. Personal reflections on the book by Ryan Holiday Ego is a strange one to tackle and one that had been sitting on the backlog of articles to write. At face value, you're probably wondering a) why the title and b) is this relevant? In one company, I wasn’t getting on with the Project Management Office. As far as they were concerned they already did the strategic partnering with the business functions, they already had the demand…

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