What is a Business Relationship Manager?

Business Relationship Management

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The goal of the Business Relationship Manager role is achieved when an enabling technology function has common business goals with another organisation unit such as Sales or Supply Chain. they agree long term plans with business colleagues, share the responsibility for delivering cutting edge capabilities that deliver real business value. They spend a significant amount of their time finding new innovative opportunities and focusing on the future direction of the company. 

What's the BRM role? 

A Business Relationship Manager (BRM) is a role that serves as the strategic interface between a Provider (eg. IT function) and one or more Business Partners to stimulate, reveal and shape business demand for the Provider’s products and services and ensure that the potential business value from those products and services is captured, realised, optimised and recognised.

An effective Business Relationship Manager contributes to the business leadership team by actively engaging with the business to discuss strategic direction and works to identify ways for the provider to support and advance the business' objectives. In addition, the relationship manager helps translate the demand into supply by partnering with appropriate supply resources to create project and program charters; programs managing business process change; ensuring training needs are fully met; and monitoring provider Business Partner satisfaction and facilitate continuous process improvement in the improvement of the Provider Business Partner experience. (Source: BRMI Wiki)

What are the qualities needed to fulfil the BRM role?

We think that there are relationship skills that are pre-requisites to adding value in the organisation. Three of the relationship skills are:

  1. Self awareness
  2. Emotional Awareness
  3. Political Awareness

In addition, those personal attributes that seperate a Business Relationship Manager suffering from "operational schlorosis" to one that can innovate and provide insight at executive level will be one who:

  • Has a strategic mindset
  • Has an ability to seek out new ideas
  • Seeks external information outside the company to solve a problem

We've provided more detail descriptions - click to read more http://bit.ly/BRMCompetency.

How Baxter Thompson Associates can help

We help IT understand the opportunity with business partners through our SDBP® framework and can help implement a business relationship management capability to ensure that the Value in IT is delivered. We also provide training in five competencies online that provides a certificate on completion of an exam, in addition to coaching and interim management and custom coprorate workshops

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