Relationship Management

Are you falling back into bad habits?

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter

Through taking on board lessons from my personal journey and with talking to many of my peers on how our roles can be most effective, Relationship Management stands out as the competency that makes the difference between getting something done, gaining agreement or commitment.

We should be well beyond the stage now of thinking that professional relationships are just communications and communications is just email. Yet even if we know better, habits are hard to break. Indeed whilst my wife and I were on the way to the airport, my wife happened to look over my shoulder and see an email I was writing and she said performance feedback like that ought to be over the phone.

Good point. There’s a relationship at stake.

Are you falling back in to bad habits?

We’ve been finessing a 20-point competency model specifically for Relationship Management over the past three years (already!) that forms a significant backbone for the Convergence Essentials workshop and custom workshops we provide clients (rave reviews by the way).

We’ve put together a quiz (below) that selects 5 thought provoking questions from our model to challenge your practice. Take the quiz and we’ll email (aha!) your score. We’re looking to get at least 40 responses to get an overall temperature check that we will publish later and possibly use as a discussion topic in our upcoming forum in June. Happy to discuss the results too – you can book a meeting at the end of the survey.

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