Podcast - How to get your business case approved

Our first podcast! With special guest Dr Robina Chatham

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter

Our first podcast - How To Get Your Business Case Approved

April 2017

Hosted by Jon Baxter, with guest Dr Robina Chatham

The most simple business cases can struggle to get approved. Even when Jon wanted to do something as essential as installing a firewall at a relatively low cost, it took him three attempts to get sign-off.

Jon chats with Robina, who has many stories to tell from her several years as a CIO.

If you’re struggling to get your business case approved, Robina suggests that this is usually down to a communication issue of some sort. Personalities in the company may need to be managed. Some people are ‘bigger picture’ people, while others are more focussed on detail. Robina gives some tips on how to deal with these different characters.

Jon and Robina discuss the importance of credibility and style of presentation to the success of the business case.

You can hear the full podcast at http://bit.ly/2oUm3MP

Thanks for listening to our first podcast! 


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