Building Credibility get a seat at the Decision Maker's table

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter

Building Credibility to get a seat at the Decision Maker's table

This post takes a look at a practical example of how we can build credibility in the organisation and start the journey towards Strategic IT Partnerships.

In our blog post "Learning to Drive" we identified that value management is a key challenge and one that limits our potential to move away from being considered a service provider. Value management is poorly implemented in many organisations and not withstanding our commitment to effect change, we also have a poor understanding of what it means in practice. Building on the post "Learning to Drive" I've prepared a short(!) video on a practical example in a previous life on what I believe value management means and how to make it happen. 



00:00 Breaking the cycle

01:27 Framework for improvement

02:43 Case study context

03:30 Define, Measure and Align

04:05 Value stream mapping and failure modes and effect analysis

05:32 Root cause analysis and Continuous improvement

08:30 First steps in your organisation

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